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Mi-Parquet Laminate Flooring

“Laminate floors are created in that way, reflects the noblest beauty, unique to touch and marvelous to look it”.

“Miniscule graining, tiny, imperfection and traces of prior use go into making the unique lifeliness you so often find in natural woods. The selection on Mi-Parquet creates a natural environment you will feel at home at once”

Resistant to Uv (ultra voilet) radiation,
• Scratch Resistant
• Resistant to Cigrette embers,
• Pressure and Impact proof,
• Resistant to spots and strains
• Noise Reduction
• Antistatic
• Lifetime Warranty
• Equippe with the syncrotex technology
• Resistant to Bacteria
• Superb radiant glow
• Environmentally friendly
• Easy glue free installation
• The fastest and easiest system of laying parquet across the globe.
• Easy connect system


As one of the leading producers of laminate flooring in Europe, Akzenta produces "Quality - made in Germany" at the main sites in the Eifel and in Brandenberg - with extensive experience dedication to wood - first class quality products.

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